Substance Abuse Counselor, Sr.

This position develops, organizes, and conducts programs to provide education for conditions and problems relating to drug and alcohol abuse. Conducts or assists in conducting individual or group counseling sessions and programs. Learns, uses and models principles of the ‚€œWhat Works‚€ system through evidence-based practices in all interactions with clients and other staff members.
Primary Duties and Responsibilities
Coordinates substance abuse program at an office or group of offices using principles of the ‚€œWhat Works‚€ system. Schedules intakes, and group and individual sessions. Discusses specific cases with case managers to determine if they are appropriate for substance abuse treatment. May assist with the assignment of cases.
Facilitates psycho-educational and behavior modification groups using principles of the ‚€œWhat Works‚€ system. Documents participants‚€™ attendance, participation and progress in Company database.
Conducts risk and need assessments and creates individual treatment plans for each assigned participant. Meets regularly with participants and documents participants‚€™ progress or regress in Company database.
Establishes and maintains relationships with outside referral sources, such as in-patient substance abuse facilities or detox facilities. Actively pursues and develops referrals from probation and evaluating agencies.
Provides re-entry follow up services at regular intervals, in coordination with other re-entry center programs staff, to ensure released inmates are keeping appointments and determining whether additional services and support networks are needed.
Maintains accurate clinical documentation including intake summaries, group notes, discharge summaries, treatment plans and updates. Updates therapeutic logs in a timely manner. Enters pertinent information into Company database.
Identifies problem areas that may impact participants‚€™ ability to successfully complete treatment. Guides participants to develop strategies to overcome obstacles to success completion of treatment.
May advise Customer of participants‚€™ progress regularly or at completion of treatment.
Collects participants‚€™ fees for program participation. Tracks fee collection for office or group of offices.
Ensures that participants‚€™ records are accurately completed in a timely manner.
Maintains a specific substance abuse treatment case file for every program participant.
Selects and recommends new instructional materials and programs for use in the substance abuse program.
Maintains knowledge of new developments in the field of substance abuse.
Maintains a collegial relationship with other substance abuse professionals, programs, and associations.
Participates in related training for substance abuse.
Performs other duties as assigned.

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